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PR Strategy Development

The impact of third party endorsement or what other’s say about you lies at the heart of PR’s power. And with that comes trust. PR’s effectiveness can be summarised in a single word ‘credibility’.

Credibility and trust are the essential building blocks to a business’s reputation. Without these elements, any business will find it difficult getting customers to buy into its products and services.

Traditionally public relations has focused on media and industry influencer communities, because of the amplifying power of publicity and the reputational effect of getting an expert to talk about you or your business.

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Hands down it is earned media – defined as content created by third party experts – that has consistently provided more benefit to brands that did user-generated or branded content.

The other more under rated advantage is that if you are not talking in your space or getting others to do so on your behalf, the chances are that your competitors’ are and owning the industry as a result.

By focusing on public relationships, as opposed to public relations, Pleiades Media acknowledges that every organisation has a unique set of relationships that require dialogue. Each organisation requires a specific combination of the various aspects of PR that relates to its product or service, size, reach, field of specialisation, target market and budget. We tailor PR packages according to each client’s needs and position their brands in the media and public arenas.

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