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PR for Start-ups

As a start-up, it is crucial for potential customers to get to know about your business, but being new often means that your brand has no relationships with the media, nor a reputation with its publics. When launching your start-up, PR and marketing need not be the hassle, nor does it have to break the bank.

This is where Pleiades comes into the picture. We understand communication and particularly the needs of  tech,  fintech, telecoms, and financial services businesses. For 30 years we have successfully guided small businesses through the minefield of business-to-business communications. Critically, we are able to focus communications where they will be most effective, a key to success in any small or new enterprise.

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Why PR works Well for Start-up Businesses


No other discipline is able to deliver more value for less cost than public relations. PR knows how to get your brand attention in the media, resulting in stories that reach your target audiences en masse. There’s no better ROI than that.


Generally, people look for the most trustworthy source of information. Consumers will invest in brands and organisations where they feel the deepest connection. PR strategies specifically foster that relationship.


PR is about the power of the ‘third-party’, telling brand stories through the voices of others, such as early customers’ experiences with your product. Telling a consistent story through the voices of others on owned (website, blog), earned (media) and shared (social) channels is the most credible way to drive positive perceptions toward your brand.


PR is the ideal vehicle for new companies, where marketing efforts need to be nimble and able to adapt to changing circumstances. Communications can be configured within a short time frame and be received by customers as the market or environment is changing. This offers the company a huge competitive advantage.

What about the cost?

- a critical factor for a small business.

Pleaides has learned that small businesses need to have packages designed for their individual needs; these packages won’t break the bank but will still deliver an excellent ROI.

Pleiades' process to get startups started:

  • Define your company’s product or service – your USP.
  • Define your target audience.
  • Define your key stakeholders, such as customers, staff, partners and media.
  • Start networking and building key relationships.
  • Create the messages.
  • Define the various communication elements.
  • Develop the best communication strategy to suit your budget.
  • Build the content, both digital and off-line.
  • Define what success means to you and how that could be measured
  • Get started to Push Plei.
Web-driven Content

As seen in the diagram, your web-driven content is composed of several individual but interrelated forms of media. They each have their own format, yet as a whole must deliver the same message, the same identity – that of your brand. At Pleiades we help publish and monitor the performance of this content, ensuring your message and its response are always in a cycle, further boosting your business up and away, rather than left stranded on the launchpad.

Do you have a great idea that has real commercial potential? Maybe you have a small start-up business with a great new product or service plus capital to get it off the ground. Call us to help your ideas take flight.

Is your business, new product or service ready for lift off? Contact us today to help your ideas take flight.