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12th Jul 2021

5 Ways of Making Creditworthy Connections

In the wake of the pandemic, which irrevocably changed the way we interact and communicate with one another, both in real life and online, it’s easy […]
20th Apr 2021

5 Questions – Flavia Minenza, Founder @ThriftsByFlav

Pleiades Media recently assisted South Africa’s first thrift store to open in a mall, ThriftsByFlav, to assist in gaining media coverage following the launch of their […]
4th Jan 2021

5 Questions – Aiden Sookdin, Content Strategist, Vodacom Financial Services

Pleiades has had the privilege of working with Vodacom Financial Services’ Content Strategist Aiden Sookdin for most of 2020. Due to CoVID-19 restrictions all our meetings […]
21st Oct 2020
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Thank you to our stars

As we enter lockdown level 1, we’d like to take this moment to say thank you for your continued support of Pleiades over the last few […]
13th Oct 2020

5 Questions – Nyari Samushonga, CEO of WeThinkCode_

WeThinkCode_ has been described as “a digital and educational revolution that will change the lives of thousands of young South Africans and help build the country’s […]
7th Oct 2020

Silver linings illuminate PR’s playbook

The field of public relations has been labelled many things – spin, partisan, pushing the boundaries of truth, to name a few.  But something profound has […]
4th Aug 2020
Drum Magazine

What happens when The Drum is silenced…

July 7th,  2020 was a dark day for South African journalism.  Media 24 announced it was closing several newspapers and magazines and consolidating its business operations.  […]
6th Feb 2020
Why Opinions Matter

Why Having an Opinion Matters

Decision-makers know what they want. So respect them. They prefer concise facts rather than reams of ‘intellectual speak’. This is no thumb-suck or journo opinion. This is proven.